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“Your membership to Ice Hockey Workouts gives you unrestricted member access to all WorkoutPass Websites in our network (and all new sites we launch) with over 15,000 workouts, conference calls and more included with your ONE membership to Ice Hockey Workouts...it's an incredible value”

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“Would You Like to Have Instant Access to The World’s Largest Selection of Step-by-Step, ‘In the Trenches’ Off-Ice Workouts for Serious Hockey Players?

I know your time is valuable – do you really want to waste even one more minute on the Internet scouring through millions of pages of never-ending scientific mumbo-jumbo and lots of ‘theories’, only to be left without an actual sample weight loss exercise plan for you to follow?

What good are fitness ‘tips’ and ‘articles’ that don’t provide real usable workouts you can begin following right away? Or worse, articles that give generic advice like ‘just run for 20 minutes’!

My name is Ryan Lee and I am a fitness expert who was fed-up with the bull and wanted to give you something more. I brought together the world’s elite fitness experts to create the Workoutpass Network of sites. We went on a mission to eliminate time-wasting clutter and give you what you really want: a complete full year of strength and conditioning workouts just for hockey players.

You’ll have instant access to tens of thousands of workouts. And when we say ‘workouts’ we mean actual ‘WORKOUTS!’

We cut out all the theories, all the BS and all the fluff. You are left with the real meat — the complete workout! We make it brain-dead simple for you to get results-driven workouts.


See our FREE VIDEO TOUR Below:


Real-life, Step-by-Step, Easy to Follow Innovative Workout Programs Give You Proven Results!

All the sites in our network features only usable, field-tested proven workouts created by real living breathing human fitness experts (NOT computerized programs created by an IT guy who don’t know the difference between a squat and lunge).

Our workouts are innovative and deliver results. You will NOT see the same old boring stale workouts in fitness magazines on the newsstands. We’re cutting-edge and I guarantee you’ll find new exercises and workouts you’ve never seen before that’ll get you double the results in half the time.

Each and every workout includes the following:

• The best exercises to help you reach your goals complete with full animation and in-depth descriptions. It’s like having a personal fitness coach looking over your shoulder

• The precise number of repetitions for each exercise (too many or too few is the difference between awesome results and total failure)

• The exact number of sets for jaw-dropping, bone-crunching results (one workout might feature 3 rounds of a circuit, another one 4 sets of 12 repetitions)

• The proper progression for superior results. Start on Day 1 and just follow along with your online trainer. If your workouts do not progress – you will plateau and stop getting results.

• Our workouts are innovative and deliver results. Period. We have assembled the most talented team of accomplished strength coaches on the planet.


Why spends hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer – when you can access the best workouts for less than the cost of a single stick of gum a day?

Even if you already belong to a gym – we are the perfect choice. Just print out your workout for the day and zip over to the gym. It’s amazingly simple. And with tens of thousands of workouts to choose from, you will always have new workouts so you’ll never get bored.



Hassle-free, Foolproof and So Easy to Use – It’s Almost Too Good to be True!

At Ice Hockey Workouts, we believe simple is better. All of our workouts are clear, straightforward and easy to follow.

With our patent-pending technology, you can instantly view your workouts online WITHOUT confusing or time-wasting downloads. Every workout is 100% guaranteed viewable on any computer with any browser!

Simply login and view your workouts with crystal-clear animation. You’ll actually see the exercises performed correctly. And you’ll also see complete exercise descriptions so you can follow along on your own.

And that’s not all…

With the simple click of a button, you can print out your workout and you’re off to the gym, field, park, basement or wherever your workout. It’s so user-friendly – we are the UNcomplicated choice!

Join Thousands of Other Hockey Players and Coaches Just Like You!

You are NOT alone. As a member of Ice Hockey Workouts and the massive Workoutpass.com network, you are part of our tight-knit family. Whether you have a specific training question for our experts, are looking for a workout partner, or just want to meet kindred spirits, you’ll feel right at home.

Our exclusive members-only forums are visited every day by the world’s best fitness experts and coaches who are standing by ready to answer all your fitness questions. And as a special bonus, you will have VIP access to spectactular conference calls and webinars by world reknowned guest experts to give you the latest cutting-edge training updates.

It’s an unbeatable value!

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